VI Velanium Trophy

29er February, 9th-14th (Eurocup #1) 420 February, 13th-15th

El campeón europeo lidera la clase 29er en el VI Velanium Trophy y los españoles Mir y Torner, la 420

13 de febrero de 2015
  • Julius Hallstrom, who won the 2014 Eurocup 2014,  and teammate Emil Jarudd lead the 29er class
  • Participants of Club Nàutic Port d’Aro head the 420 class

Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, February 13 of 2015 at Club Nàutic El Balís- The Swedish team, formed by Emil Jarudd and Julius Hallstrom, leads the 29ers class of Velanium Trophy VI –Eurocup 2015 after three days.  In the 420 class, the couple of Marta Torner and Enrique Mir, from Club Nàutic Port d’Aro, are ahead after the first day.  

A Spanish saying says that the third time is the right one. And that is how things went today at Velanium Trophy VI. Finally, in the third day the wind coming from the South West blew CN El Balís’ waterfront at a speed of 18 knots, allowing the boats to sail.

At 10:45 a.m. and with a speed of six knots (11 kilometers per hour), the postponing flag was lowered and the 29er and 420 fleets got in the water. The wind picked up at midday, allowing the participants to race at a 15-knot speed (28 kilometers per hour). Some boats even broke their masts. 

29er Class

There was special anxiousness after two days playing the waiting game at the 29er class. In fact, in the first legs there were two general calls that ended up with the raising of the black flag.  

Five races took place in the day of four nautical miles each (legs of 0.5 miles). The fight for the first place was close between the Slovenian team, formed by Perter Lin Janezic and Anze Podlogar (JK MIPC), and Swedish participants Emil Jarudd and Julius Hallstrom (Royal Swedish YC). After the discard, Emil Jarudd and Julius Hallstrom (RSYC), who finished in a bad seven place in the first race, got the overall lead thanks to one second-place finish, two first places and one fourth.   

The Slovenians Peter Lin and Anze Podlogar (JKMIPC) were relegated to second place despite having the same points, eight, than the leaders. The Slovenian squad recorded two first places and two thirds in the day. The third place overall belongs currently to Danish sailors Daniel Nyborg and Sebastian Olsen (YC Furesoen) who registered a third, a sixth, a fourth and a sceond place.

With an 11th place overall, the Spanish fleet is led by Pep Costa and Santiago Alegre from CN Garraf, followed by Flavia Robles and Alexandre Boquet (CN El Balís), who are 17th. The Munté sisters (CN Cambrils) are 19th, three sports ahead of Laura Calviño and Juan Gómez (CN El Balís).

Tomorrow will be the last competition day for the 29er class. The organizing comittee plans to hold five races. 

420 Class

It was a very good debut for the 420 class with three races. After the first day, the Spanish fleet is at the top of the table with Marta Torner and Enrique Mir, from Club Nàutic Port d’Aro, leading the way thanks to two first-place finishes and one third. British sailors Katie Sheenagh Davies and Grace Ruby Summers (Blackpool YC), who recorded two fourth-place finishes and one third, are in second place overall, while Daniel and Oscar Vidal (CB Balís) rank third thanks to registering two fifth places and one sixth.

For its second competion day, the 420 class has three races programmed for tomorrow.

The weather forecast for Velanium Trophy VI’s fourth day predicts winds coming from the West with a speed from eight to 15 knots.