Motorhomes at the Marina

29 de noviembre de 2017

Book a space for motorhomes at the CN El Balís during the Finn Master World Championship.

With a total of 20 spaces available, sailors have the opportunity to book a 10-meter space allocated to them by the club. The club will be responsible for allocating the space for each vehicle. Water and light terminals will be available on arrival for a quick and easy set up. (32ampere power point. Water tap ¾”. See attached picture).

Arrival dates will be as early as May 17th and the departure dates as late as Sunday 27th May.

Each 10-meter plots cost of €33.88 per day, including electricity, light and access to the changing rooms.


To make a reservation, email with the subject "Motorhome + Sail Nº". Required information to accompany the email should be:

• Desired entry date

• Departure date

• Motorhome size

• Number of guests including yourself


Responses will be sent out to those who are interested, along with the total cost of your enquiry. If you decide to proceed with your personalised quote for your stay, then you will be sent a PayPal request. For the reservation to be effective, this payment must be made within a period of 10 days. During these 10 days your desired reservation will be secure, however, after these 10 days, if payment has not been made, the reservation will be cancelled automatically.